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Hey fat fingers, get a grip + 30% discount

Posted by Chris Dangerfield on

Hello all!

First of all I want to say a HUGE thank you to all of you. This blog is now getting thousands of regular visitors, and that's down to lock pickers such as yourself reading and sharing. So thank you very much, I hope you keep reading, keep enjoying, and keep sharing!

So let's cut to the chase, no nonsense, and just a reality. Some people have fat fingers - I'm guessing they're not the only part of them that is fat as that would be weird, a really skinny person with fat fingers? *shudders*

Artist impression of skinny man with fat fingers. Do not approach.

I get LOADS of emails from lock pickers who have Fat Fingers, and it's negatively affecting their lock picking abilities. It's not that they can't hold the picks (they're fat fingers, not balloons) it's just there's compromises with the way they hold them, meaning feedback and precision is compromised.

Perfect range of Picks, Rakes, and Tension Tools by SouthOrd.

Problems require solutions. And if you're struggling with your picks - due to having slightly more chunky fingers than most - I want you to have a look at our SouthOrd 14pc pick set with handles AND our HUGE 30% discount!


SouthOrd 14pc lock picks with HANDLES! Perfect!

But HURRY! As generous as we are, we have limited stock at this price, and once they're gone, they're gone! So if your paws are causing you picking problems, now is the time to solve that problem, and save 30% while you're there!

Leather case, wrenches, rakes, picks - and HANDLES!


Use code - wow30 - to save a whopping 30% from these superb, best-selling, lock picks.

Alternatively, you can CLICK HERE and be taken straight to the product page with the discount applied, allowing you to add more items, or checkout!


Best wishes and happy picking!

Chris Dangerfield

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