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Tubular Lock Picks

While no lock picking tool is 100% effective - I can say with my hand on my heart I have NEVER known one of our Tubular lock picks to fail. They are simply incredible. 

What makes them even more incredible is their ease of use. These Tubular lock picks are simplicity itself. Make sure the needles are flush by pushing the pick onto a hard, flat surface, tighten the tension ring, then slowly insert into the lock, turning left and right as you push it further.

On the off-chance it doesn't work, reset the pick and loosen the tension ring before trying again. I doubt you'll need to do it more than three times - it really is usually once!

We also have a selection of tubular practice locks and a variety of other items associated with tubular locks. Dive in! There's no need to be scared of these locks when you have thew right tools.