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Lock Tools - Blank Keys

One of the most amazing things about lock picking is your ability to get involved in the making of your own tools. I am always asked how to make a lock pick, or how to make a bump key. Well, you'll certainly need blank keys to make a bump key,and this set has a variety of very popular profiles to ensure you have a wide range of blanks. 

When it comes to how to make a lock pick one of the most difficult things is what metal to start with. Traditionally people have used junior hacksaw blades, which are cool, but I find a bit brittle and not the strongest metal. So we have produced a set of lock pick 'blanks' - high quality 301 stainless steel to ensure your hard work lasts as long as you deserve. All you need to do is grab a template from the internet (or use the one we provide on the product page) and start filing away. We sell the needle files, and we sell the Glardon Vallorbe Swiss No4 file for finishing. You will do well with a small bench grinder too - but then you're only limited by your imagination. If you want to make lock picks, let us take the hassle out of sourcing the steel - it's here, for you, sorted!