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The New LISHI Magic TIBBE Key - limited number in stock, so hurry.

Posted by Chris Dangerfield on

Genuine Lishi Magic Key


The Genuine Lishi Magic Key is a 'Quick Open' locksmith tool for the Ford 6 Cut Tibbe lock.  Since its recent release (and for those lucky enough to have used it) it has already gained the nickname 'The Magic Key', and it really lives up to its name.

But this is not just any lock picking tool, the Magic Tibbe will open locks in just a few seconds!

The LISHI Magic Key comes in this protective case.

The Patent Pending Magic Tibbe key uses a special flexible material to lift the wafers and allow the lock to be opened with no damage whatsoever. Tibbe locks on Ford vans, Ford cars and even older Jaguars have been around for a long time in the UK and they are known to be easy to decode. The lighter duty locks, such as the Ford KA, are quite easy to open with skill and practice. However, heavier locks such as the Ford Transit often break decoding tools, requiring the user to cut a key before trying to open the lock. 

But now that we have developed the Magic Tibbe tool, which is basically a skeleton key for 6 wafer Tibbe locks, opening trunk and door car locks is as simple as using a normal key. Occasionally - especially on heavier duty locks on vans - you may be required to turn the key left and right a couple of times, but we are still only talking about seconds, here, not minutes, not even half a minute!


It's very rare for tools like this to come along, a new design which not only offers a new technique, but actually appears to challenge the notion of the physical world; trust me - your customers will think you're a wizard!

The Magic Tibbe Tool is extremely simple to use: simply insert the Magic Tibbe into the lock and turn!

The Magic Tibbe Tool opens the following vehicles:

- Fiesta (1988 - 2008)
- Focus (1998 - 2004)
- KA (1996 - 2008)
- Mondeo (1993 - 2007)
- Transit (1995 - 2013)

Due to the special nature of this product it's only for sale to locksmiths we recognise from our customer list or mailing list. If you received the mailshot, you qualify - but hurry, we have very limited stock of this tool.


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