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Lock Smiths Ultra Tough Moulded Polymers Crowbar and Wedge Set

Posted by Mark Stuckey on

Another set of LockSmith tools asked for by our customers. A great value set offered here at a very low price compared to other shops. The crowbar and wedge set are perfect for Locksmiths wanting to lever/pry open doors/windows or anything that metal tools would scratch/dent/damage. By using this set you can be confident that any damage caused will be at an absolute minimum. This set is also good for lock smiths to work on cars as again chance of damage is low due to the materials.

This two piece set includes a wide wedge and a crowbar. Made from ultra tough moulded polymers this set provides an excellent combination of both prising tool and wedge. With this set you can make a gap in whatever it is you're working on - door, vehicle, window, etc - then prised open further - without damaging the item due to the manufacturers materials. From there, where necessary a manipulation tool of some sort can be pushed through and handles, knobs, buttons etc pulled, pressed, turned - opened. A tough as hell set that you'll soon find essential. A working locksmith simply cannot afford to be without a good selection of wedges.

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