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Posted by Chris Dangerfield on

Hello all

Well we've taken about 20 purchases now using Bitcoins which is excellent. There's a big cross over at the moment between the hacking community and the locksport crowd so it seems only right to forge that connection by having lock picks available for bitcoins. Due to a recent hacking incident on The Silk Road Bitcoins haters predicted the end - ignorant as they are in thinking Bitcoins are solely for a spate of relatively small anonymous markets, and not the global changes they are bringing about in economics and commerce everywhere.



Anyway, it's good to see people having faith in the system, like all fiat currencies too - botcoins rely on faith - that's how money with no back up (like gold and silver in the good old days) it can crumble at a whisper. Well bitcoins, the most famous of various crypto-currencies is surviving and spreading and we're proud to be merging lock picking with this ever so exciting development in computing, code and curiosity. 


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