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Here we go then...

Posted by Chris Dangerfield on

WOW - well the first day of our new shop and our loyal base of customers that we've spent 9 years building were the first to get their teeth into our amazing deals. All of our tools are sold at the lowest possiblwe price! That means, unlike most shops we rely on a large turnover (which we have!) rather than high profit margins. This means you get tools for super cool prices, and we can sleep at night without marking products up over 100% like our so-called competitors do. So enbhoy the new shop, do some 'likes' and some 'Tweets' - we had hundreds on our old shop but lose them all for a fresh one, so if you could add some...

You know how it works by now: If you support us then we can keep the prices going down. So tell your friends, mention our EXCLUSIVE tool - or the fact we sell classics for more than 100% lower than other shops. 

Now, enough of this, pick up a lock, put it in a vice, get your picks out and get on with it!

Take care and best wishes

Chris Dangerfield.

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